Screw You, Modern Love — I’ll Publish Myself

April 24, 2015

I’m not sure how many of you all read the New York Times Modern Love column. I’m a fan. I’m a sucker for romance and all love stories. When I found out about its Modern Love College Essay Contest, I was beyond excited to submit. I wrote my story in one sitting. Obviously, I looked at it over a few weeks to tweak it and such, but I knew what I wanted to write as soon as I heard about the contest.

Unfortunately, my essay didn’t receive anything — not even an honorable mention. I’m still proud of it, though. It’s an assignment I really poured my heart into. It helped me move on a bit from the troubles I wrote from. My friends know this story, but I doubt they know the details the way I discuss them here. Anyway, I thought I’d share it here. It deserves to be read.

Congratulations to the winners. I’m excited to see their essays once they’re published.

PS: Happy birthday, you. 

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Humanity Wins with Obama’s Veto of the Keystone XL Pipeline Bill

February 26, 2015
Light Brigading photo

What a week it’s been for those living the green life. It started with the (unsurprising but troublesome) news that corporations had their fingers deeper in climate change denial science than originally thought. More than $1.2 million deep. I mean, c’mon, everyone knows climate change denial is the real hoax here, not climate change itself. Shit, at least I hope so — especially if you’re on this blog.

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My Dear Valentine

February 15, 2015

Purple hearts and chocolate-covered berries
Thoughts of love and all those who are merry
It’s Valentine’s Day —
A day of friendship, appreciation, amor
But also a day when she misses him even more

It’s over; it’s done
This she knows for sure
But he said, “For now…”
What about when he returns?

Yet her email is empty
And so remains her heart
She knows this day is about more than just romance
But that part of her life has fallen apart

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” she whispers
Into her wet pillow
But he’ll never hear her
He’s gone —
Like a bird out the window

– ylf –


Why HONY Is the Man

February 2, 2015

So if you aren’t following Humans of New York, otherwise known as HONY, on Facebook, go do that. Right now. You don’t have Facebook? Follow its Tumblr blog. All right, so you’re not on Tumblr. Follow it on Twitter. My point: Follow the damn blog.

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