Yessenia Funes cartoonYessenia Funes is a New York-based Latina journalist. Born and raised in the suburbs of New York City, Yessenia’s about that hustle.

She writes about race, climate, environmental justice, and anything related to social issues. She has served as the climate justice reporter for Colorlines. She is a former assistant editor at YES! Magazine, primarily focusing on racial justice. This savvy, multimedia journalist also put together the magazine’s digital editions and special reports. Through HTML, CSS, and Javascript, Yessenia is able to make what could have been a simple story of words and photos into an immersive, interactive, responsive experience. She is currently seeking new employment or freelance opportunities.

Some might call her naive, but Yessenia is looking to change the world. Her future goals lie in covering environmental justice throughout Latin America. Her parents grew up in El Salvador, eventually leaving when its civil war got too brutal in the ’80s. Thankfully, they made it to the United States, where Yessenia was born. She is bilingual though. (#yass!)

Yessenia thinks of herself as an undercover poet. She’s a bit of a noob, but it’s all good. Practice makes perfect.

Her two life philosophies? Keep it real, and it is what it is.